If you’re looking for a place to help your kid get stronger, smarter, and more confident, this is the place for you. Lee Bros Kids MMA is for kids ages 5-12, and includes one night of Muay Thai Kickboxing and one night of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu each week.

Enrollment is open continually - we have new students joining us every week. Younger kids (5-8) meet on M/W at 4:30pm, older kids (9-12) meet on T/Th at 4:30pm. 

Kids uniforms are provided in-house: a gi for jiu jitsu, and shorts + t-shirt for Muay Thai. We also carry the youth boxing gloves you'll need.

As with all of our classes, your first class is free. All you need for your first visit are athletic clothes, a water bottle, and your awesome self  - plan to come about 10-15 minutes early so we can get you geared up.